Pocket Thieves

I hear it all the time, “Mannheim is one of the safest cities in Germany.” There is not much argument to this statement, it is one of the safest cities but every city can have it’s mishaps Last week, there was two mishaps that I was aware of: 1) There was shooting near my home, 2) My wallet was stolen. The fact that someone got shot is far more severe than my mishap but unfortunately, I can’t comment on that specific event but I just hope that certain individual is okay! I can comment that I had my wallet stolen from my backpack while standing in line but I was partly to blame because I had my headphones plugged in and I shouldn’t have let my guard down. Shit happens.

IMG_2600My wallet contained my U.S. license, Mexican I.D., school I.D., 30,00 €, $100, and my free semester ticket. Luckily, I still have my passport and I should be grateful but I don’t like the idea of carrying my passport around the city so I keep it at home. A lot problems have risen from having my wallet stolen, for example, a significant other was having a birthday party and I couldn’t get into the club (entry is 18 years-old) because I didn’t have my passport and that was the day my wallet was stolen, I couldn’t buy food for a day because the majority of places on take cash, and I constantly look over my shoulder when I ride the tram. In regards to identification, the best I can do is apply for a passport card through the U.S. Embassy but I would have to wait 8 weeks for the damn thing to arrive. I could TRY to get my parents to replace my license but that would require my presence at the DMV and I don’t know if a FaceTime call would qualify as being present. Either way, I am grateful that my passport is still with me and I will try to make a negative into a positive… somehow.

IMG_2559SIDE-NOTE: My cooking has been improving and I am beginning to understand that importance of salt, pepper, ginger, and garlic! This has allowed me to improvise some of my cooking but I still continue to find new recipes so I can expand my toolkit. My most recent success was making Coke-Chicken! The reason for the coke in the chicken is because it’s an actual ingredient in the dish and I have to say….. it turned out great! Initially, I was scared to create this dish because I would be making it for Judith and I didn’t want her to catch a chronic disease because of my cooking. Nonetheless, I took a leap of faith and the dish turned out great. The lighting in the photo isn’t that great but I like the picture and it shows how delicious the food looks!

IMG_2567This was the weekend that I was going to travel to a different city but I was left with 100,00 €. I had traveled to other cities but the distance was not substantial so this was going to be my first weekend trip. The destination was Leipzig und Dresden! The train tickets were dirt cheap because we bought group tickets but when things seem too good to be true, they probably are. The only downside is that we would be in a train for 8 hours and we wouldn’t arrive to Leipzig until 22:00. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad because I got along with the group of people that I was traveling with and I was able to recuperate all the lost hours of sleep. The train practically arrived on time and the hostel was close so we were able to go to sleep around midnight. The room could only occupy 8 people but fortunately for everyone, except for two group members, we were able to stay in that room.

In the subsequent morning, we traveled to Dresden by train and again, the ticket was dirt cheap but we would only have to wait 90 minutes in the train. Not bad. I can’t remember what we did when we arrived, I think we walked for a little while and finally made it to a cathedral. I know this is ignorant of me but I have no idea what we visited in Dresden because I didn’t plan the trip and I was just enjoying the ride. If I had to guess, I believe we went to Dresden Frauenkirche (Church) and Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (History Museum). Following the museum, we were all hungry and we went to a fancy/classy restaurant located in the city. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of my food but I guess that memory is just left for me and the people who were around me. Nonetheless, the few pictures that I took are solid and I think they will exemplify how beautiful the city is.










The night was wrapping up in Dresden and we headed our way back to the Hauptbahnhof to catch our next train back to Leipzig. It felt like time passed by a bit too fast but it was well lived. We had another morning ahead of us but this time, we would stay in the vicinity and explore Leipzig.

That morning arrived sooner than expected and I missed breakfast! It’s okay, my roommate brought me some bread and nutella so my morning was sweeter than ever. We only had a few hours in Leipzig so we tried to explore as much as possible. Similar to Dresden, we visited St. Nicholas Church, St. Thomas Church, and a history museum. While in St. Nicholas Church, we were spoiled with good music because a group of students sung inside the church. The students were traveling abroad from Canada so the few Canadian people in our group felt extremely proud after they sang the national anthem. I was only able to get a small glimpse of St. Thomas Church because one of Canadian friends got lost along the way so we went looking for her. This was very convenient because while searching for our friend, we found a pizza parlor that was offering big slices of pizza for less than 3€! Luckily, we found her straying  near the pizza parlor so we capitalized on the opportunity and have some delicious pizza!


After enjoying some delicious pizza and getting some sushi afterwards, it was time to head back to the Hauptbahnhof to head back home. 8 hours in the train!!





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