Do you ever wake-up and think how great your week was? Obviously, the only reason I am asking that question is because I asked myself that question. What did I do?… NOTHING! It was a memorable week because I was very relaxed and I didn’t do a lot of eventful things. Lately, I have been spending my “spare time” in my accounting course because the final will be on the 13 of April and I feel anxious about it. The test is NOT multiple choice so my answer’s will be dependent on how well I know the information by heart. I have been working hard so I think I will be ready by that time but that’s only if I keep up working hard.

I guess the only thing I can really talk about is where I go for my study sessions, my roommate’s party, and my Sunday night.

Let’s start with the study sessions! I seem to have a hard time studying in my room because I feel entrapped behind my walls so I migrated to Kömbuse, the local hipster vegetarian cafe/bar. It’s a pleasurable place to get your work done because of the atmosphere but it’s spacious so I don’t feel entrapped behind their walls and incase I get hungry, I can order food. The prices are cheap for a vegetarian place and they have one of the best Falafel wraps with hummus; in general, the food is really good and I haven’t found a place that offers such quality food with low prices! Personally, it’s my favorite cafe/bar in all of Mannheim and I am glad that it’s less than a 4:24 minute walk from my house.

I haven’t been to too many parties in Mannheim, even though there is a party every night but I have been preoccupied with other activities or laziness gets the best of me. Nonetheless, my roommate, Leo, was hosting a big party and he was preparing for it for 5 days. I won’t go into too much detail about the preparation because there are a few things I can’t mention on this post, you know…. for legal reasons 😉 Anyways, it was cool that Janet (the other roommate) and I, were able to be a part of the preparation because we had a cameo appearance on their promotional video. As a matter of fact, I had one of the biggest parts of the video so it was tight that he entrusted me with that part. The party was on Saturday and after 5 days of preparation, the party turned out great and there was a lot of people. The majority of the guests were German so it allowed me to practice my German but I got acquainted with a few people so it was tight.

ma_Cineplex_Planken_Außenfront_bei_TagSunday was a good night because I got to go to the sneak preview. Every Sunday, Cineplex, has a sneak preview and the audience never knows what that they are going to play so we are kept in suspense until the movie starts. It’s hard to imagine a life without movies so I am more than content to going every Sunday, paying a discounted price of 4.90 € isn’t that bad either. Actually, it has become a tradition to go to the movies on Sunday. Unfortunately, the movie we watched was crap! I won’t give away the movie but I will say this: the production was done well, the editing was perfect, the acting was really good, and the director carefully created a disturbing image in my head. With that being said, I think the movie was crap because it had a very disturbing storyline and I kind of have a personal connection with the story so I didn’t like how the character was depicted.

I guess that’s all.




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