The Lippelt Effect

I am excited to announce that Easter break has officially started!! My week leading up to this moment was preoccupied with activities and studying for the final. Once again, it was a not such an eventful week but I thought I could take the time to talk about some of it.

I can’t remember if I already mentioned it but Mannheim University offers sports to any willing participant. Most of the classes are free but there are a few sport courses, e.g. tango & meringue, that require you to pay a small fee. Luckily, they offer boxing classes and I usually go on Monday, Thursday, Friday, and occasionally attend Saturday sessions. The head instructor is a student but it seems that he has had a lot of boxing experience. The class is primarily aimed for students that are looking to get a good workout so it is not focused on the development of technique but I still enjoy going because I manipulate the exercises to work for my benefit and the instructor makes me work hard. My mother is not particularly fond of me attending because we do have sparring sessions for the more experienced fighters and she was not pleased of my microscopic scratches from a 100 kg Ukrainian teacher.

stirfrychicken_5795Cooking has been enjoyable! I was well taken care of during the week because I was going out with friends but I also got to cook some delicious dishes. One of my favorite dishes of the week was Carolyn’s cooking. She doesn’t really like to cook/prepare food for anyone but I was lucky enough to have a taste of her cooking. That night, we made pizza, she did most of the work, and it turned out great! I would also like to mention that Mannheim has an incredible Indian restaurant. In San Diego, there is an Indian restaurant that my family and I enjoy migrating to, I was very surprised on the similarity but it was nice because it reminded me of home. Enough with the homesickness, I prepared a delicious meal for Judith on Thursday night! I was browsing through the internet and I found a recipe called stir-fried chicken with broccoli & brown rice. The plate itself sounds delicious but I thought about adding carrots to the dish and having a fruit salad for desert. Upon preparing the dish, I had gathered all the necessary ingredients and steps to creating this masterpiece. At the time, I was Facetiming with my family and my dad kind of demanded me to follow his steps in preparing the chicken. Finding the right recipe can be difficult so I will include the steps in preparing the chicken, perhaps it can help any hungry individual. The steps (in order) to preparing chicken are: put canola oil onto the pan –> crush garlic to microscopic pieces & cut onions to your preferential size –> let garlic&onions cook in the pan for a little (usually until the onion turns into a more caramelized color) –> add the sliced pieces of chicken and let them cook until both sides are white –> add white wine (try to add a good quantity, maybe a cup) –> apply soy sauce around the chicken once the wine is partially soaked up –> add a spoonful of sugar around the chicken –> try the chicken and adjust it to your liking.

There are other dishes that I cooked but I feel like I already wrote too much about food. I think it would be a great time to mention that I will be traveling to Budapest, Hungary and Innsbruck, Austria. I will be traveling to Budapest with Judith and currently, we are looking to booking either a hostel or AirBnb. We don’t really have anything planned for Budapest yet but once I figure it out, I will write about it 🙂 In regards to Austria, I am planning to go with my roommates and a friend, where we would be traveling around the city but the entire trip is centered around snowboarding and skiing! Both the trips should be really fun so I am looking forward to the upcoming week.




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