Gallery of Beauties

IMG_2789As the title states, I recently made a very short trip to Munich. We decided to only go for a day because I had to focus on my accounting exam and we would be traveling to Austria in a few days. It took about 5-ish hours to arrive to Munich and once we arrived, we hit-up a classy restaurant called, Augustiner-Keller. The moment we arrived, I couldn’t help but notice that almost everyone had a piece of meat in their dish! I had never studied/read/heard about Bavarian cuisine but it was obvious that beef, veal, pork, and suckling pig were a big part of the cuisine. It was very difficult to pick a dish, due to the fact that having meat in my dishes is very essential but I decided to settle upon the suckling pig. The suckling pig was absolutely delicious and I really enjoy the Bavarian cuisine.

After our delicious meal, we had to carefully evaluate our choices because we only had 6 hours before returning to our beloved hometown (Mannheim). We all agreed that we wanted to see the Nymphenburg Palace and hopefully, visit the art museum where they have the Gallery of Beauties. The Palace itself was impressive on the outside but it kind of reminded me of the University of Mannheim. The history of the Palace is quiet interesting but not enough to write about it in a post so if you are interested, google it! Luckily, the art museum was open within the Palace and it was relatively cheap to get in. At first, I was expecting a lot of paintings but the majority of them were portraits of past nobilities that resided in the high walls of the palace. To make the story short, I wasn’t really impressed with any of the paintings except for the room that stored the 36 beauties. The short story behind these 36 portraits, the king of Bavaria, Ludwig I, commanded to have 36 portraits of the most beautiful women from the nobility to the middle class. For some reason, I just thought that was kind of funny because caring out the task must have been quiet interesting. The gallery was pretty cool and if I had to pick which one was the best, then I think I would have to settle on Helene Sedlmayr.






Next on the list was visiting the market. I didn’t know much about the market because Janet is the one that recommended it. All I know is that it is located in the Altstadt, which translate to the Old City in English. We didn’t really stick around to much in the market area because our bus was coming soon but what really surprised me was the quantity of people there. It reminded me of Black Friday at it’s peak so I guess it was a small reminder of home. Obviously, the market is big and there isn’t a store that you couldn’t find. That was pretty much it for that but I really enjoyed the day trip and I hope I can return to the city because Bavarian food is dope!

IMG_2809 IMG_2812



4 thoughts on “Gallery of Beauties

      • During summer, I would recommend any beer garden, like Augustiner, Paulaner or at the Viktualienmarkt. You will find delicious grilled fish there too , called Steckerlfisch (Steckerl = stick) you should definitely try!


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