Schneckenhof & Age of Ultron

I PASSED!  In my recent posts, I talked about how stressful it was to study for a particular exam but I recently found out that I passed 🙂 It was not with the high mark I wanted but I won’t be complacent. There isn’t much to talk about this week because as the semester wraps-up, students are settling down and getting ready to study for their upcoming exams. There were a few significant events that occurred this last week, one of which is the party that people consider to be the “best” due to the department that was hosting it.

IMG_2903They call these parties Schneckenhof, it usually takes place on Thursday and the school departments rotate on who will be funding the event. The reason it was suppose to be the “best” is because the Business department was hosting Schneckenhof and they have the most funds out of all the other departments. The weather was in good condition so it would be situated in the courtyard where you can fit a large amount of people. I had never attended Schneckenhof because I don’t care but I was in the spirit of: “try it once; except drugs” and “Let’s see how great this will be”. I can definitely see why people thought this party was the best; there were a bunch of tents offering drinks, they gave out small accessories, there was a professional photographer, and the miniature stadium they built for the DJ was pretty cool. It had all the necessary elements to look similar to a club in the San Diego, they even had a VIP section but I thought was silly. Either way, the party was topgallant and I had fun there so it was worth going.

IMG_2900The other significant event that occurred during the week is that I went to go see The Avengers: Age of Ultron. The first movie was awesome and the second movie lived up to the hype. I won’t talk about any of my favorite scenes because I don’t want to spoil anything but I can say that it had some hilarious parts. Although, I almost had a minor panic attack during the movie because it cut-out! Initially, I was under the impression that there were some technical difficulties but it was actually by design. Germany has an intermission period for movies that are deemed to be lengthy. This has never happened to me and it came to shock to me since the U.S. & Mexico play the movie in its entirety without any breaks. The intermission only lasted 10 minutes, it was a great opportunity to go to the bathroom and buy some snacks. Obviously, the idea of having intermissions is similar to theater plays, I want to say I like the  practice in movie theaters and perhaps, it should be something the U.S. could implement in lengthy movies. Overall, the movie was great and the week turned out to be productive and enjoyable.



4 thoughts on “Schneckenhof & Age of Ultron

  1. Hey sabías que antes acá en México también habia descanso a la mitad de las películas? Tú eres más viejito. deberías de recordarlo :P, saludos primo, nos vemos pronto.


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