Fight of the Century

Soo what did I do last week? I think it was just a regular week – I went to school, slept, grabbed a snack with friends, kicked it with Judith, exercised, studied, and watched a movie. The eventful part of the week was Saturday and Sunday! Most people in the United States were aware of the mega-fight Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. Boxing/fighting fans have been waiting for this bout for about 5 years and it was finally happening! The only issue was that most people in Europe weren’t aware of the fight. In fact, most people don’t even know who the two fighters are. I asked a few people, “currently, who do you believe is the best boxer?” The majority of the responses were Wladimir Klitschko; which I was shocked but it kind of make sense because he is a European fighter. The only person that got close was Judith, her response was Frank Merryweather (which had me dying on the floor).

Edited PictureBefore I get to the fight, let me talk about the great adventure I had on Saturday! I went on a trip to Europe-Park, which is located near Freiburg and is only a 2 1/2 hour train trip from Mannheim. At the time, I wasn’t aware that it was the 2nd most popular theme park in Europe nor was I aware why the park is called “Europe-Park”. It turned out to be a very good name for the park because each section of the park has it’s own country theme. For example, we were in Iceland and when we were waiting in line for the epic Blue Fire rollercoaster, the waiting line was surrounded by hot springs, which are very well-known in Iceland; technically if you knew your European countries, you could guess where you were without looking at the map. Obviously, there are more things in Iceland then just the hot springs but it served as an example so you can slightly get a picture of what I mean. The park was awesome because it had a lot of good rides but one of that best things was that you didn’t have to wait in line for a long time – the average time was between 30 – 50 minutes, which is nothing compared to the U.S.! This gave us the opportunity to explore all of Europe-Park and by the end of the day, we were all exhausted.







We got back to Mannheim at around 10ish but the night was still very young for me. I still had to figure out how I was going to watch the fight because the fight would be aired on PPV and I wasn’t aware of any pubs that would be airing the fight at 6 a.m. I’ll be honest, I was thinking about watching the fight illegally but the U.S. practically made it impossible to stream it online and Germany is different story; a lot of videos on youtube are blocked in Germany so trying to find a fight of this magnitude was very unrealistic. So what did I do? Well I called my mom.

IMG_2914I didn’t call my mom for advice, I wanted to talk to her because we hadn’t spoken for a few days. Although, while we were talking, she gave me the bright idea to get in contact with my cousin, who lives in Mexico, and ask them to Skype the fight to me. In Mexico, every fight (doesn’t matter if it’s PPV) is aired on television for free so this was a phenomenal idea. Finally, I set an alarm for 5:00 am and my cousin horizontally adjusted his iPad to fit the screen so I can watch the fight comfortable. The quality was ok but I didn’t care because I was able to watch the fight.

That’s pretty much it about how I managed to watch the fight. I do wish that the process of finding where to watch the fight would have been equivalent to actually watching the fight. There is no need to give a fight analysis – my opinion is that Mayweather won but I did want Pacquiao to win but as my man Mike Tyson said:

We waited 5 years for that…





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