Angela Merkel

Last week Two weeks ago (I forgot to post this for some reason), I went to Novus for their all you can eat ribs special. I had not ate ribs since I was in San Diego so I have had a huge craving for them after I heard about their Monday special. Most of the meat products I have consumed abroad have been delicious, I would even make the argument that it is way better then San Diego products. We made the reservations at 8:00 pm but I decided that I would go boxing before I go so I could be starving by the time I get there.

Boxing was pretty exhausting because I had skipped a week (maybe 2) from working out. The teacher and I have a good relationship so he always tries to challenge me and pushes me to work harder. Unfortunately, I know I overdid it because I was extremely light-headed and dehydrated; it even felt that I might throw-up and that has never happened before. Once the workout was done, I ran to Novus because I didn’t want to be late (as usual) but I was more concerned that they would start eating without me! Luckily, I arrived on time and we ordered the first batch of ribs, which were huge portions; that was surprising because usually the portions are so small. Needless to say, I dominated those ribs and I was surprised with myself because I was able to consume 25-30. At the end of the night, I was extremely satisfied because the ribs were delicious and most of them had a lot of meat!

It may seem pointless that I am writing about ribs while I am abroad but it had a big contribution to my week. That very night, I woke up feeling nauseous, dehydrated, feverish, and hungry…. It was at that moment that I realized that I caught food poisoning or too much grease entered my body. I ended up throwing-up in the morning, I would say that most of the ribs were in the toilet within a few seconds (sorry if this is too gross). I attempted to go to school in the morning and throughout the day but Judith highly recommended (lovingly forced) me to stay home. Most of the time, being under-the-weather doesn’t bother me but this time, it did; it felt like being in body suit sauna with a helmet that had a bell attached to it and a monkey trying to break a coconut on top of my helmet, to make it worse, I had my most important presentation of the semester the next day.

Fortunately, I was able to survive the presentation, a lot of it had to do with the teacher allowing me to sit throughout the entire presentation, except when it was my turn to present. For the rest of the week, my appetite was nonexistent and it contributed to my laziness. It was my last presentation and it is now time to continue to study for my upcoming exams in 2 weeks. Now that exams are approaching, it feels weird that  after finals, I will only have a 3 weeks left in Germany. A part of me wants to go home but a huge chunk of me would like to stay longer, at least for the entire summer vacation. Germany has become a home to me, I have grown a connection with the country and feel closely linked to it. By no means would I ever identify myself as a German but now, when I listen to the radio/news, and they mention the name Angela Merkel (any time I hear the news, her name is usually brought up somehow), it would have a different meanings.

Next week, I will be embarking on a day trip to Prague so that will be exciting.




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